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Security Personnel’s Role in Terrorism Prevention

There is a continuing threat of terrorist attacks across the world, with significant increase in terrorist plots against the West, including Australia. Managing risks associated with terrorism can be daunting for some companies, and others saying it won’t happen in their workplace.

We must understand the changing world that we currently live in and terrorism is a continuing concern. Since 2014, Islamic State (ISIS) have been tied to over 70 plots against Western countries.

These days, security needs to be more in-depth than ever before, starting with security personnel conducting a vital role with regard to terrorism prevention by being familiar with their surroundings and identifying suspicious behaviour. Any suspicious behaviour needs to be assessed to the fullest extent.

Suspicious behaviour can manifest in many forms, with the most severe action being the planning/preparing or executing a terrorist attack.

Terrorists conduct surveillance to determine a target’s suitability for attack by assessing the capabilities of existing security and weaknesses in their selected target.

Potential preparatory actions for terrorism or criminal activity include:

  • Taking photos of critical infrastructure
  • Taking notes/drawings diagrams
  • Taking photographs or video
  • Inquiring about security operations
  • Working in groups
  • Immediately fleeing the area when noticed
  • Boundary probing
  • Revisiting the same location
  • Weak cover story if questioned

It is important that security personnel do not become complacent and to always maintain an awareness of their surroundings and to be in a mind-set which is alert to potential threats.

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